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TelepsychiatryConvenient, Affordable, and Readily-Accessible

20-25-years-old-man-blazer-blurred-background-2662794.jpgTelepsychiatry is the use of video-based telemedicine to help meet patients’ needs f​or convenient, affordable, and

readily-accessible mental health services. This evidence base videoconferencing technology is essentially a new form of delivering of health care. Via video conferencing, the mental health provider can:

· Diagnose and assess the patient
· Prescribe and Monitor medication

During your appointment, you and the provider will meet face to face and in real time, just as you would at the office except that you are in two different locations. You will need a computer with high speed internet connection and a webcam.

The system utilized at OCA Behavioral Health is HIPAA compliant. This means that the strictest privacy and confidentiality is adhered to as we do with all our patients. You will be responsible for security on your end of the transmission. It is your responsibility to ensure the security of the computer and Internet connection and the privacy of your location during and throughout your appointment.

The cost for our appointment with the provider is the same as for an in-person appointment in our office. Patients are held to the same policies regarding cancellations and missed appointments.

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